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Wacky rearview mirror perspectives to keep you grinning.


The Sometimes, Never, Eventual Express (THE SNEE) is a satire/humor blog that reflects my particular take on the world. Snee (derived from snickersnee) is defined as randomness, or sword fighting with daggers. It captures my Xena the Warrior persona while I'm engaged in what some may consider drudgery. The rearview mirror logo is a reflection of both how much time I spend in the minivan as well as an indication that my active imagination makes me slightly paranoid,. I mean prepared. On the road, my mind makes silly connections. Rearview car mirrors are fun because they give a back story to what I just saw.

Don't forget everything you read in THE SNEE is completely made-up! Any resemblance to people or events is purely coincidental and kind of amazing.
The Snee is all about laughter,

For anyone looking to escape the daily grind, just take the D out of GRIND and GRIN!


fun, creative, quirky, anything that is entertaining, or.....just for the heck of it.